About | Unnanu Hire


Unnanu was founded by a veteran in the industry, Mr. Madhu Basu.

Unnanu is on a mission to revolutionize hiring process, both for employers and employees. Our site is built on a cloud platform that contains individual profiles on a secured database that is only accessible to authorized businesses, on a subscription basis. We built a disruptive technology to connect highly qualified individuals with companies and we want to make the hiring process seamless, effective, and efficient.

Unnanu gives users a plethora of highly useful features like in-app messaging, offers, referrals, on-boarding process management, and even the ability to conduct video interviews right within the app. For our job seekers, we also offer the ability to compare new opportunities and offers side by side so that you can make your next career move with the confidence.

Our approach is seamless, effective, and simple. It is much faster than traditional job boards and job sites. Unnanu is headquartered in Austin, Texas with plans for expansion in the near future.