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Proven, powerful and
flexible technology.

Add our AI resume evaluator to your existing ATS through our integration,
or use independently alongside our other amazing features.
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See Unnanu’s AI in Action

Shortlist talent.

Get to right candidates quickly & easily. Search, filter and shortlist capabilities are flexible and efficient.


Engage with short-listed candidates through real-time direct messaging. Communicate with candidates through mobile notifications.

Schedule and
conduct interviews.

Calendar integrations with google and microsoft. Schedule interviews with short-listed candidates. Conduct virtual interviews.

Integrated offers
and on-boarding.

Negotiating and extending an offer is time sensitive. Accelerate the offer, acceptance and on-boarding though our simple onboard process.

Simple and
flexible pricing.

Flexible monthly or annual subscriptions. Cancel any time.


Unique customer experience with a relentless commitment.

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Flexible monthly or annual subscriptions. Cancel anytime.